Philippe Rivière

journalism & data

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Recent achievements


I found an inner calling to do cartography, and am learning this difficult art. With Ph. Rekacewicz, we lead, a small independent research network on maps and representations.


Interactive maps for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, madmeg, David Dufresne, Sonia Shah, the Pulitzer Center, the International Peace Institute (New York & Vienna), ESAD (Reims), Inhabitants


I have been teaching a class on “web publishing” in the AJM, Neuchâtel, 2013-2016. Workshop on “data processing”, La Paz (07.2015). Talks in various places (CELSA, univ. de Dijon, Sorbonne, IUFM Geneva, HEAD).


I sometimes do editorial support for the ICIJ on some large projects such as “Fatal Extraction” or the “Panama Papers”. For GRID-Arendal, I have studied the trade in electronic waste (with I. Rucevska and F. Sermier).


Maps for the International Transport Forum report “The Impact of Mega-Ships” (06.2015). “Global Report on Maritime Piracy”, published by UNOSAT (04.2014), with Ph. Rekacewicz, A. Stienne, Ph. Leymarie.


I still code on a daily basis: websites (e.g. seenthis) and tools for data processing and visualisation, particularly with d3.js (see a small sample).


Investigation & analysis

As webmaster & journalist for “Le Monde diplomatique,” I spent 18 years on an adventure with one of the most demanding and established quality monthlies, with strong internationalist convictions.

My favourite subjects are health, public goods and intellectual property, technology (insofar as it can be used for the benefit of humanity), space, peace and disarmament, and South Africa.

I gather and share information on #seenthis.

Internet Publishing

Co-author of SPIP, a publishing system, I am interested in Web techniques and methods that can help organise large corpora of texts, and in the social issues raised by the expansion of the Internet.

I am working on a collaborative project for an autonomous archival of the activist Web sphere.


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